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I had a conversation with an Evangelical preacher about Preacher.

14 Nov

and it was possibly the best interaction I’ve ever had with a stranger.

I’m on the E train reading Preacher: Proud Americans, because the first two trades have somehow vanished from my possession, and a guy wearing ski goggles without any lenses and a bag with that has jesus and jehovah written in huge letters with white-out on it sits down next to me.  I can feel him glaring at me and what I’m reading and think, fuck he’s gonna talk to me.

He taps my arm, which I immediately give him a do that again and I’ll hit yo look, and says “Oh I’m glad that is a comic I thought it was a heavy metal magazine.”

me- It’s not, and you shouldn’t make assumptions about what girls should and should not be reading.

him – Well you do know I’m an Evangelical preacher, right?

me – That’s great but I’m really not interested, sorry.

him – Well it’s just a coincidence since you are reading something called Preacher.

me – Unless you have the word of god, a vampire sidekick, and are hunting down God to kill him, it’s really not.