I had a conversation with an Evangelical preacher about Preacher.

14 Nov

and it was possibly the best interaction I’ve ever had with a stranger.

I’m on the E train reading Preacher: Proud Americans, because the first two trades have somehow vanished from my possession, and a guy wearing ski goggles without any lenses and a bag with that has jesus and jehovah written in huge letters with white-out on it sits down next to me.  I can feel him glaring at me and what I’m reading and think, fuck he’s gonna talk to me.

He taps my arm, which I immediately give him a do that again and I’ll hit yo look, and says “Oh I’m glad that is a comic I thought it was a heavy metal magazine.”

me- It’s not, and you shouldn’t make assumptions about what girls should and should not be reading.

him – Well you do know I’m an Evangelical preacher, right?

me – That’s great but I’m really not interested, sorry.

him – Well it’s just a coincidence since you are reading something called Preacher.

me – Unless you have the word of god, a vampire sidekick, and are hunting down God to kill him, it’s really not.


don’t send a girl this text message

24 Apr

it’s super weird.



11 Apr

i’m not sure which offer this is referring to. is this church trying to tell me that the offer jesus made to die for my sins still stands, or that i should be sacrificing myself for your sins?

either way, fuck that noise.

the cross

just in time for passover.

5 Apr

a friend drew this on a napkin while at hooters. i don’t think there is a more appropriate place to be thinking about me. and the jews.


if you are the girl in the photo below

31 Mar

contact me immediately so we can start being best friends.